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Tigers: Feeding on Plastics in Jim Corbett National Park

Hindustan newspaper (Hindi), on the basis of photographs from wildlife photographer Chitransh Sharma, has reported that tigress and cubs were feeding upon plastics floating in Ramganga river flowing through the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttrakhand. Plastics are non-biodegradable products, generally used for packaging of edible as well as non-edible products. Plastics have a deep-rooted impact in our lifestyle, for example, some common products which are dry enough to be stored in paper packets are marketed in plastics packaging. These non-essential use of plastics are really a serious threat to our mother earth. In this case, tigress and cubs pounced on plastics as if it was some small animal, is a serious concern. Once they feed on these small plastics, they move down through their alimentary canal and sometimes it is so small that it may not be excreted with faecal matter. In the long run with continuous feeding on these small demons, will choke the system and may prove